• Image of Big City Nights, Big Shitty Dreams


- half letter size. Take a piece of printer paper and fold it in half and that's the size. I'll measure it in a minute geez.
- black & white
- 20-ish pages?
- laser printer ink on pretty nice paper
- cover is better cardstock paper
- limited run of 15
- they're cheaper at Ultra-Pop
- If you're in Louisville, Ky you should buy this at Ultra-Pop and save a few $$


Maybe you saw some of the longer comics on the site and looked through the tiny square books and said "where's the longer comics? The ones you did on the comic paper?"
Well, maybe you did and maybe you didn't, I'm not here to judge.

Anyway, the longer comics wouldn't fit in the other books because you would've had to turn the thing sideways and oof, what a hassle.

So what I did was take all of em so far and shove em together so now nobody has to do any book turning. Just read these babies wherever you want and get your jollies. I won't tell your workboss.

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